Yea High
In answer to the question, "What're you up to?" Another way to put it, "not much."

Life in the pharmacy continues as normal, people drop off and pick up meds, some smile, some leer, and some get the giggles when I call bananas "weighable produce." The guy honestly giggled not knowing that the common term in the grocery arena is weighable produce for produce that has to be, well, weighed. I tend to call produce items that don't have to be weighed, "eaches" since the register generally asked how many I have of them.

So why am I, a pharmacy tech, talking about bananas? Because I have no problem ringing up other items at the pharmacy most days. Granted, if you have a full cart I will turn you down, but if you just have a few items I'll happily ring you up so you don't have to stand in the line up front too. Oh, but don't bother trying to get your vodka with your antidepressants. Even if I was allowed to ring those up I'd call the pharmacist over for a council and let you deal with his wrath because come on, really?

2014 has started off with a whiz-bang as far as pharmacy is concerned. About half the insurance plans that our customers currently have were simple switches. Heck, I run a claim through last year's insurance and it rejects with "please to use these numbers m'kay?" attached which means I don't even have to look at your new card (I will not be upset if you do show me anyway. Means you're paying attention and I like that!). Most others are simply saying the plan is cancelled for said customer, please ask for the new card. So please, if I ask to see this year's card, I'm not doing it for fun. Telling me "nothing has changed" means diddly to me when your copay was $10 last month and the cash price you're going to pay without that new card is $57.99.

I admit though, I have had some fun with some of my customers. I ask for their card, they give it to me with or without a gripe and I enter the information BEFORE I've shown them the cash price. Generally copays have been five dollars higher, ex. your $10 copay is now $15. People have this strange tendancy to tell me (not ask, tell!) that the insurance isn't paying anything. So I push the cash price label to them and watch them gasp for air when they find out the cream they're paying twenty bucks for through insurance would be about $150 PER TUBE. Yes sir/madam, prices HAVE gone up on meds. Golly gee, can't imagine why the insurance would increase your copays then. :P

Other than the usual (read above) insurance issues that come with the start of the year, nothing much has been happening at the pharmacy. Outside the pharmacy I wish this darn website had a "like" button or something. Don't know half the time if anyone reads this. It's partially why I tend to disappear for weeks (or months... >.>) at a time.


Eh, I've been writing more often lately, been making myself do it (with impressive results number-wise) in the hopes I'll regain the habit. Let's see how well that works for blogging too. ;P

The Man at the Pharmacy
**Note! This is simply a rambling my brain created and has no reflection on the reality of my work! The basic setup scenario is one I've dealt with before, but this is still a work of complete fiction. It attacked me and wouldn't let me go until I had written about "the man who came by the pharmacy."**

He was nervous.

He came up to the counter and handed me two pieces of paper. Prescriptions. He said they were for his wife. She'd just had dental surgery he said. He wasn't wearing a ring. He looked awfully uncomfortable.

I looked at the papers. Cipro, an antibiotic, and Percocet, a very strong pain killer. A controlled substance pain killer. The pair together were not that uncommon. But he wasn't looking at me. He kept hunching his shoulders and looking around. He was acting suspicious.

I asked if she had ever filled here before. He said no. I asked for her address, phone and allergies as well as his photo I.D. He told me what information I needed and reluctantly handed over his I.D. I asked if she had any insurance while I wrote down his I.D. number. He said she didn't but that he was going to pay for it cash. This was all looking suspicious.

I tell him it will be about 10 minutes and he could wait at the other end if he liked. He relaxes his shoulders as he walks away. I turn to my pharmacist and tell him my observations. He is suspicious of the man as well.

The pharmacist tells me he will call the doctor, to verify the scripts are real. I type the Cipro.
The pharmacist hangs up the phone. The doctor admits to seeing the girl earlier that day and he wrote both prescriptions. I type the Percocet. I'm still not convinced this guy is legit.

We fill the medications, slap on the labels, and walk to the pick-up window. The man is waiting in a seat. I call him up to the window. I ring him up. He's nervous again. I have the pharmacist come over to give him counsel. The man pays serious attention to the directions and warnings. He acknowledges everything the pharmacist says. Both the man and the pharmacist sign off on the prescription and the man turns to leave.

The pharmacist frowns at the man's back. He tells me to follow the man just to observe, just in case he is going to sell the drugs. I let the man walk away a bit before following him. His shoulders are still hunched. He's watching around himself again.

The man walks out of the store. He turns left. I walk out of the store and follow. The man turns around the side of the building out of my sight. There's nothing on that side of the building. Just shrubs and dried grass and an empty lot with a gully on one side. I stop at the corner of the building and look around the edge.

The man is crouched next to a boulder at the edge of the gully. There is a thin woman sitting on the ground in front of him. Her clothes are worn from being outdoors often, sun-bleached and old. She coughs and holds out her hand. I hear the man say these will make her feel better. He says she really should go to the local shelter. She nods and thanks him, she will when she doesn't feel quite so sick. He hugs her.

I turn around. I walk back to the store, to the pharmacy. The pharmacist sees me, he asks what I saw. I tell him the man gave the medicine to his wife, just as he had said. I smile as I say it.

**Again, this is a work of fiction. I have never "tailed" a customer, nor am I advising it nor have I ever been asked to do it. Once a customer leaves our sight he is no longer our concern.**
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More wierd dreams
Odd yet fun dream takes a twist.
Katie was back in town for some reason with Jason and was having his little birthday bash in the house across the street from me. I brought over his gifts that I had been going to send for Christmas and she, Laurie, myself and the rest of the group were having a fun time (Jason especially), when a guy randomly shows up that we all recognize as evil and after us. Our reaction? grab the closest club/pipe and run screaming at him/swinging pipe/club to get him out of there or injure him severely enough to "stop the threat." We attack until there is an opening and then try to flee, unsuccessfully, a few times, then I start throwing fire at him and that finally starts hitting him/slowing him down enough for us to beat the shit out of him.
I'm really enjoying these dreams. *grins evilly*

What did I eat last night? o.O
Last night's dream was a very strange mix, what of it I remember.
Mom and I were evading capture by driving a car through a dangerous, cliffy mountain pass, then we were in a building of some sort and went into a room that looked like a classroom from my gradeschool. From there we had to shimmy up an air vent. This then somehow turned into my climbing up it as the character Belle from Beauty and the Beast with Beast in his human form above me trying to get us out of what seemed like a minecraft mine shaft. He even placed a few blocks of dirt so he could climb further up to gather an opal block at the top of the shaft so we could climb past it and out. Once he leaped out I wiggled through the small opening and into a cafeteria/college classroom where the Big Bang Theory crew were and the Beast was now Leonard. Bernadette was being her competitive self (aka bitchy) and we were pretty sure it was some sort of allergic reaction to something in the room.
The only dialouge I actually remember was:
Bernadette: Ok lets move it cuz there ain't enough room in here for all of us!
Leonard: What are you talking about? We're the only ones here.
Bernadette: Not when the babies start showing up smartypants!
Oh yeah, there was plenty of room in the place and the rest of the crew thought it was some sort of daycare.

Ok, this is aimed at all my friends and those people who want to "hang out" with me.

I'm getting really tired of being asked to do stuff last minute. REALLY TIRED. I understand the spontaneous "Hey wanna do lunch today if you can?" I'm not talking about that kind of last minute. That's spontaneous and is offered with the air of a cointoss. I'm talking about someone saying "Hey, we should do something next weekend! You know, hang out, catch a movie, something!" And then when the agreed upon Saturday shows up I haven't heard anything from my friend about it other than "Oh you know, sometime Saturday afternoon I think" back on Wednesday.


If you want to hang out with me, plan an event with me, do something that involves me, think of me like your boss at work. You aren't going to go up to them an hour before your shift and say "Gee, last week I'd thought about going to the park for this festival today and I've finally decided I want to head over there now. Mind if I cut short?" Your boss would flip, or tell you flat out no.

How would you like it if I kept you sitting around your house all day waiting for a phone call from me about a holiday get-together we'd half-planned a month ago? BECAUSE THATS WHAT YOU DO TO ME.

PLEASE. Please don't keep doing this to me! It frustrates me and taints my enjoyment of the hangout when we do eventually get together.

*end rant* =(

Well my brain is all set for the weekend. Unfortunately I think it's set for next weekend which won't be of any help to me at all right now.
Next weekend, the 18-20 is when the McQueen Highschool craft fair is and my mom and I go to it every year as a tradition. We usually pick up a few things like honey and spice mixes, maybe a trinket or two (I got a handsome halloween wreath one year!) and just enjoy ourselves. Last year we got a pair of good thick hand towels for daddy. He came to my room one day late last month with one in hand and asked when the fair was so that we knew to get a few more towels. First time he had ever asked when the fair was!
The reason I'm fairly certain my brain is thinking about it was last night's dream. I was at a fairgrounds/carnival and it was mostly empty of people. There were a few lined up for the roller coaster and a few for the merry-go-round but not many. There were also a few booths with trinkets and "home-made" goodies with some people looking at them. I thought it was strange there should be so small a crowd until I remembered that it was only Thursday and the fair wouldn't be open until Friday afternoon. I didn't have much time to wonder what I was doing there Thursday before I woke up.

Writing bit
I had this random idea months ago, wrote it down plus a little, and then filed it away and promptly forgot about it. While I was cleaning out my physical files this morning I found it again and decided to once again let you peer into the strangeness that is my mind.
*Please note, all of this takes place in the air, not on the water.*


We stared as the beast landed on the deck, flexing its legs, absorbing the shock. The great toothy beak touched the boards and it growled as it folded a pair of giant wings, feathers as grey as ghosts. Orange eyes snared us and kept us from seeking shelter below deck as it raised its head. The pirate rose on his mount's back and leaned against its brilliantly plumed head. It was just like the pictures in all the books we'd pored over; the giant parrot with its pirate on its shoulder.

"I believe you have something of mine," the pirate said while the rest of his crew flew about the other ships in our party. One winged under the Alexandria tossing a tack bomb on the ship's belly.

"We do?" My brother answered, his voice shaky.

"Yes," the pirate pulled out a watch and glanced at it. "You traded with me for this beautiful ship which, you will notice, we are not attacking."

The tack bomb on the Alexandria exploded sending bits of wood flying and dropping much of what had been in her hold. The ship started to rise sharply now that a good chunk of its weight was gone.

"Neil?" I asked my brother frightened.

"I gave you all that you asked for," Neil said to the pirate while taking a half step forward.

More explosions were going off all around us and the cannons were setting some ships swaying as they tried to fend off the parrots. The air currents were unstable enough here as it was and I didn't want to think about what would happen if the Santa Maria keeled over and dropped on us.

"All but one item," the pirate grinned closing his watch.


I froze staring at the ruffians index finger.

Sweet little Lilly
At my store there is a family that shops on a regular basis. I often see the father with his young (read 6) year old daughter going up and down the aisles. I remember one day he asked where something was and the little jokester found our light switch and giggled about our reaction to having half the pharmacy lights go out. The little girl, Lilly, is a person full of sunshine and smiles. She also, unfortunately, has cancer, a Wilms tumor, for which she is getting treated. The poor girl had to celebrate her birthday in the hospital but her personality shined through. When she was given balloons in celebration, she gave most of them to the other kids in the ward to help cheer them up. She is a super sweet little girl and everyone in our store is pulling for her.

The only problem is the medical bills. They are going to start piling up on the family. Lilly's parents have started a donations account at Wells Fargo Bank for anyone who would like to help the family. I ask my readers to consider giving a little to them. I'll be placing a link to the website they have set up to track Lilly's progress later today. Donations can be made at any local Wells Fargo branch.

Please help her out, even if it is only prayers. Her family needs all the support they can find.
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GunBlogger VIII!
This year's Gun Blogger Rendevous was a blast! Much money was turned into smoke and noise, fun was had by all at the raffle and money was raised for Soldier's Angles!

Friday morning I completed the arduous task of waking up at an (for me) unholy hour of the morning to join the rest of the GBR crew in going out to the county shooting range. Idiot-in-Charge decided that Mr. Completely (our group representative) had not notified him of our impending presence within suitable time and spent a good five minutes or so verbally relieving himself. After which he was smiles all morning long. Go figure. =/

After I had retrieved my things from the car I proceeded to do what I normally do first on a range; get dressed in my "accessories," namely holster, gun and mags. I was informed however, that since I was not a member of law enforcement I was not allowed to carry (openly mind you!) on the range. I internally debated practicing my draw from concealment but figured I should play nice for the rest of our group. I wasn't even supposed to leave it loaded on the table during a hot range. Go fig.

Aside from that auspicious opening, the morning went along grandly. GunAuction played camera crew mostly with their quite sofisticated equipment taking photos and video of the goings-on. We had everything from an antique, single-shot .22 rifle to a SOCOM to a couple of 44mag handguns. I quite enjoyed the revolver version of that! Even my little Ruger 10-22 got some practice and compliments by the other bloggers. =)

After said events of Friday were through, I awaited with baited breath the Saturday night raffle/fundraiser! After everyone had fully gathered, miss Molly and I went about our traditional duty of convincing all the big, buff, manly men to part with cash for tickets to the raffle. We did quite well I think given that all the tickets sold. Over 3,000 dollars raised in raffle tickets alone! Go Soldier's Angles!!

Prizes included all sorts of goodies, from guns and laser-sights to firearm history books and range bags! Mom gleefully won a Kalishnakitty hoodie and I managed to get a copy of the history of early American gun culture.

The event was spattered with snarky remarks and witty repartes. Fun was had by everyone involved, so far as I know, and I for one cannot wait for next year's gathering! Huzzah!

I think I've figured out why people have so many 'friends' on their facebook lists. I believe, and this is purely a hypothesis mind you, that they have the friends for whatever game(s) they play on there. Some of the friends are actually people they interact with. The rest are there soley to allow a person to get further in a game. I come to this conclusion after some research concerning what would happen if I friended everyone who requested it because of my playing a single game. I got about a dozen 'friends' in a week and then forgot to play the game or log into my account for about a week and a half. I suddenly had over 400 friend requests. I find this exceedingly interesting. More interesting is that the majority of my currently listed 'friends' are of either latino or (by their pictures) thuggies.

So remember, when you get held up at gunpoint by that thug looking for money, he probably just wants to buy a facebook card so he can get to the next stage of Candy Crush.


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