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Range Time
Just a quick post today. I went down to the south part of town to Big Shot indoor range to see what the hubbub was. Big Shot used to be Safe Shot, an indoor range where you used their ammunition which was lead free. I went there once and was so not impressed with their atmosphere that I didn't even bother to shoot.

Big Shot is better, more akin to the indoor range from my childhood. You walk in and they have targets displayed behind the counter, clearly marked, so you can select one if you choose. I forgot to ask if you were allowed to bring your own. $10 gets you use of the range for as long as you like and if you come with a partner, it's only 5 bucks more. They do have gun rentals for your shooting pleasure and you can use whatever ammo you like.

The person behind the counter pulls out an empty plastic bin and asks you to put your chosen weapon(s), open and empty, inside. They also ask that you put your box of ammo in there too, making sure nothing is going to cause major damage to you, another patron, or the place in general. If you brought more stuff in a range bag (I had my cleaning kit and a few other things in mine) they will hold it behind the counter. The ARMED employee holds it for you behind the counter. Ain't that nice of them? :) I love working in a place with backup.

You get your ears on and head into the shooting room. You walk in through the pair of doors and oh...that smell! That glorious indoor range smell! I missed that smell...uh, back to where I was. They show you how to move the target in and out, give you the basic rules if you missed them in the main lobby, and tell you to be safe and have fun. I shot my target, did my testing for the day, and came back out pleased with the overall experience. I gave the lovely lady at the counter her payment and she returned my range bag so I could re-store my gun.

Oh, and ladies, they don't mind if you bring your purse out with you. I'm so used to carrying the thing on my shoulder I didn't even notice I hadn't taken it off until my third mag. The one downside was when I asked about drawing from a holster; they don't allow it. I can understand that and for my own purposes am fine with it.

I'd say that anyone who lives in the Reno/Sparks area should check these guys out! They've only recently opened up and appear to be well worth my business. :)