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Adventures in House Sitting
So last week my coworker went on vacation and asked me to watch over his house, two cats and one dog. I agreed despite his living about a 40 minute drive from where we work. I was looking forward to having some quality solo time and seeing what it felt like.

I found that I quite enjoyed the solo time and may have enjoyed it more if the dog didn't insist on waking up at 0710. Every. Morning. The morning routine went something like this.

0710 Dog stands next to glass door and begins whining and shaking his collar so its jingles. If I make no motion to wake after 3 seconds he repeats. If I make no motion to wake after 5 minutes he comes next to the bed to whine and sniff and shove at me until I do wake, urgently informing me that he must go outside to piddle.

0715 I finally tire of the dog's antics and, blurry-eyed, release him to the great outdoors of the backyard. Where he dashes off to find his toy. And bring it to me. To throw. And play with him. It is only after I have tossed it once or twice that he remembers why he wanted to come out in the first place and piddles.

0720 I walk back to the glass door to go in and he follows. I start to go about getting food in my belly and the other pets' bellies while he follows me around with one or another of his indoor toys, hoping I'll notice and toss it about the house for him.

0735 I have finally completed the food part of the morning and he is staring at me sullenly from the floor until I get up from the table and say "Go get your toy!" at which point he wags his whole butt and dashes off to find his toy for playtime.

Average morning there.

The cats acted as cats. One ignored me except when food was involved, the other decided I was his new favorite human and would ask for strokes a few times a day and sleep on the bed with me at night, purring. The dog was either hyper because he wanted to play or I was playing with him, or he was lethargic/mopey because I wasn't playing with him. I took him out for walks/jogs just about every morning and a couple of times in the evening, but it didn't seem to really phase his energy levels.

I did enjoy getting to cook for myself and see what the difference was between cooking for three and cooking for me. I ended up making some breaded chicken breasts one afternoon and realized that I had three meals after they were done. Dinner and lunch the next day were tasty! Breakfast usually consisted of a pair of eggs flipped once and seasoned to whatever I felt like that day. Dinner mostly came from the freezer.

I also checked out the Family Dollar store near my coworker's house. I had thought it was a dollar store and was astounded to see full size boxes of brand-name cereal until I actually looked at the prices. They're just a small, general-store type place. Nice place though, clean and well-kept, friendly staff.

Well, that was my week last week. Didn't want to say anything much until AFTER I returned home for safety's sake. Have fun y'all!


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