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Vacation Part the 2rd
*Ok! Continuing on from where we were...*

When we returned to the house we found our hosts returned from a large grocery trip. We all ask how we can help, Dee is sent with stuff to the freezer, Laur helps put stuff away in the kitchen and I am told with a chuckle to take a shower to help de-sand myself. The shower was WONDERFUL but it didn't get all of the beach off me as I discovered after scratching my head.

After getting rinsed off I was introduced to the family bunny and cat, the bunny demanding pets and the cat just lounging right next to it. I drank water (a continuing theme while I was there) and generally relaxed with everybody. Talked a bit with Lawena about how Hawaiin is pronounced, made some linguistic connections of my own and vowed to practice with street names the next time I saw them.

I was asked to join in a vodka shot and seeing as I was on vacation I thought, "why not?" Note: I HATE apple flavored vodka! It tastes just nasty! Also, the black cherry vodka makes Cherritussin seem tame. BLECH!!!

The adults decided a bit later that it was time to go out to the local bar and party! Based on what I knew so far about the group, I decided I didn't want to be around a bunch of drunk people, known or unknown, but wasn't really sure how to get out of it. Mailei to the rescue! Laurie and I were invited out to see a movie with the youngest daughter of the household and even though Laur wasn't enthused with the movie choice (Frozen) we both agreed it was better than drunken adults.

Movie turned out to be pretty good and Mailei was good company. We visited the Banyan tree afterwards to see its glory in the dark of night, lit by local lamps. That tree is amazing. We also walked along the main tourist street, Front Street, where Laurie and I laughed commenting that the frequent art galleries there were like the frequent antique shops back home. Can't go more than three shops without seeing one!

We stopped by a shop selling bone sculptures and fossil stuff, Mailei talked with the shop keeper while Laurie and I oohed and aahed over various things including a miniature raptor skeleton sculpture and whalebone grips. I drooled over those quite a bit. We also stopped at a shop that sold glasswork. We got to watch the master of the shop put fins and a head on a baby humpback whale made of his glass. It was amazing to watch him work! We chatted for a bit with the secondary glasssmith who was pleasantly surprised to find us interested not just in "how pretty" the stuff was but some of the technical aspects as well. I knew there was a reason I took logic and physics in college.

Saturday we went around the western mountain of Maui to see the blowhole there in action. It wasn't too spectacular according to Dee who'd been there before, but I found it interesting regardless. I also found the scenery there to be delightful, a combination of the green you'd expect from a tropical island and the black and red of lava rock closer to the shore.

Farther around the mountain we stopped at Lorraine's Shaved Ice per Mailei's instruction. She told us that Lorraine had the best shaved ice on the island. I found myself hard put to disagree with her! That and her banana cream pie...ooooh I wish I had the recipe! Made with bananas fresh off the tree! <3 Laurie and I were also introduced, via the lovely lady Lorraine, to her "cheap entertainment." It's a plant that has male and female varieties. With the male type, you slap its leaves and it just does nothing, like a normal plant. The female variety though, when slapped, folds its leaves in very fast to show off the thorns underneath. No wonder it's called Lorraine's cheap entertainment, We were having way too much fun brushing the female leaves and watching them close and slowly reopen!

Laurie and I spent some time browsing for swim wear after we returned to Lahaina, no luck finding the type we wanted in prices we could afford. Her suit was years old and she wanted a newer one while I just wanted something that wasn't a one piece so I could easily wear it underneath regular clothing (my current suit has a built in skirt, doesn't work well with shorts). Before bed we watched some of the Olympics and cheered on our various participants. Watching the Olympics before bed became the thing to do while on vacation there.

Sunday was mostly a resting day, lazying about the house reading, playing a bit on my game, napping and generally doing nothing. Felt kinda nice. Mailei had apparently taken a shine to Laurie and I and asked us if we all wanted to go get our hair cut. I'd done mine before leaving for the island but I went along anyway. We ate at a Hawaiin barbaque place while we waited for the hair salon to reopen from lunch and discussed mainland vs island views of spam. Hawaiins LOVE their spam. Both Mailei and Laurie got their hair cut and I caught a catnap while was there. The warmth and humidity just got me sleepy...guess that means I was pretty relaxed too.

*Wow, this really is longer than I anticipated. One more part to go to cover the last 3 days and I've saved the best for last! (Not by planning, just because that's how it happened on my vacation.) Stay tuned, same cube-time, same cube-channel!*


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