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Vacation Part the 1th
*So I've had an interesting couple weeks since returning from vacation and I apologize for the lateness of these posts. Plural. I found the idea of breaking up what would be a ridiculously long post into smaller ones to be good. Thus, I begin!*

So, that trip to Hawaii, lets see how much I remember. Oh look! A notebook with notes! *Flips pages and collects thoughts*

Getting through to the terminal for my first flight was easy. My friend Kit and I had printed off our boarding passes the day before and the airport was pretty quiet when we arrived too. We literally walked right up to TSA and zipped through. Spent an hour an a half roughly just waiting around. Talked with another passenger who said she was returning home to Maui after visiting family. She was very nice and even showed us what a Hawaii driver's license looks like, red with rainbows! Rainbows are a theme over there apparently.

The airplane looked very little to me when it came up to the gate, probably because it was an air"bus", meaning small, cramped and... economical. It wasn't bad, but it was clearly meant for local flying. Takeoff was fun for me, watching us rise through clouds, being surrounded by fog, seeing the valley and the mountains pass far, far, FAR below us. Most of the flight was very relaxing in fact. I find I dislike decents, or at least "driver" decents. Felt like we were braking in a car, somewhat hard, and for much longer than a car would take. Neat seeing the actual rain outside the window while we passed through a cloud into LAX. Taxiing took forever but that was because I truly didn't realize, and probably still don't, how big LAX is. I mean hooo-ee! That place is HUGE!

Got off the plane and noted that our next flight was going to be delayed. Ah well. We had to take a shuttle to our next terminal and once we found its exact location we found bathrooms, food/drink, and...A BOOKSTORE. This is, of course, very dangerous for me as a book lover. I could have ruined my entire vacation fund in that one place I'm sure. Instead I bought a single book in case I finished off the one I had brought with me, a Piers Anthony book. He's known for creating worlds where puns are a way of life. Tulip trees kiss you, the sandman is in the desert and I'm not even going near the popular fizzy drink called Boot-rear.

After enjoying ourselves there we returned to our terminal to sit and wait. Found ourselves in the company of another traveller heading to the island, this time on vacation himself. He claimed himself from Florida (and I thought my commute was bad!) and we proceeded to speak about the differences of weather in our local areas, airport sizes and common activities such as swimming and socail awkwardnesses. He seemed embarrassed at first when I figured him out to be an otaku.

An otaku is a person who generally stays at home watching anime, playing video games and drawing comics. It is a term that is often used in a derogatory sense, but if the people you reach in your society are not the kind you want to socialize with, what else can you be? How you spend your time at home is what counts. He tended to draw, watch the news and learn languages. He even had a Czech phrasebook with him that he had picked up from the bookstore at his last stop. He shared some sweet tea-cakes with us and we shared raspberry m&ms with him (he'd never heard of such a thing. They are delicious!).

Our flight into LAX was full, but the one going out to OGG(Maui) was not. The plane was a big one, a 767 with a 2x3x2 seating arraingment. I had two seats to myself on one side until a last minute family boarded. Mom and the two kidlets seated themselves in the center trio of seats and Dad sat in the aisle seat next to me. He was ticketed for the window seat but we each preferred the other's seat. Win for me. I watched out the window during takeoff and enjoyed climbing through night clouds (about 1830, after sunset) but the ocean was pretty much covered in clouds so there wasn't much to watch.

Spent most of the flight reading, a good book can do wonders! When we finally reached Maui I stepped off the plane. I hadn't realized that the ocean would be SURROUNDING THE PLANE. Good gumdrops that is high humidity! Kit and I swam to the downstairs bathrooms, the closest one was already accumulating a line, and stripped off our half-soaked sweaters that had kept us from being chilly on the plane. Kit's parents then met us in an Impala to take us to the house we'd be staying in. We picked up some Taco Bell on the way to scarf down before we all hit the sack at 2300HST. Slept in sections, new bed/couch does that, through the night.

I'm gonna say I finally decided "not to sleep" instead of saying I woke up, at about 0600HST when I was hearing a rooster in the distance. That turned out to be perfect, I usually get up at 0800PST, and the family we were staying with normally started getting up at that time too. Nice and cool that time of morning. 'Bout the only time it's "cool" over there sheesh!

First thing Kit and I did after eating a breakfast of homemade fried rice courtesy of Lawena(that's Lah-veh-nah) was explore the local area and find a shop that sold sunscreen. Found a cute little boutique that sold dresses, shirts, sandals and generally the stuff tourists like. They had sunscreen as well so I got a bottle as well as a very nice purple sundress and a necklace. Kit found herself a beach bag and some sandals.

Laurie, her parents and I all went out to Whaler's Village and the beach behind it for my first lessons in dealing with the ocean! I had a ton of fun figuring out that water up to the knee was simple to deal with, water above my waste was simple to deal with and that area inbetween was where I would get "ground pounded." I'm sure I gave quite a few belly busters to Dee because of my ineptitude. Also my absolutely too wide grins about it all. I was playing and having fun, what did I care if I got pushed up the beach a few times? :D

Note to self. Sea water will get sand into EVERYTHING, and while it tastes like tears, it does NOT feel like them in your eyes. I promised myself I would get a pair of goggles before I went into the ocean again!

We had taken a shuttle to Whaler's Village and so we had to wait a bit for the return shuttle to take us back. As we waited I had the pleasure of watching a small rainstorm approach us and then sprinkle on us. It was neat watching it down the small hills and onto us! Laur is checking her messages under shelter and chuckles at me because someone asks her if chains are mandatory over the pass. Apparently it was snowing back home.

*That's it for part the 1th, expect another section tomorrow! Don't worry, it's already written out so you don't have to wait. :P*


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