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Ok, so I have officially taken my first, real, vacation. I didn't just take a week off work and pick a day to drive to Virginia City or a couple days just over the hill, I took an airplane to a far-away place with no feasible way to return early without serious monetary consequences.

I went to Hawaii.

I spent a week in Hawaii.

...That's still sinking in and I'm back home already.

My first impression of Hawaii was, "Holy crap! No one told me I'd have to swim EVERYWHERE when they said they had humidity!" Let me tell you, I enjoy not having to breath water. I am most DEFINENTLY a desert girl! I tend to feel that 30-40% humidity in summer is oppressive. I can tell when the humidity at home has risen to 20%. I think Hawaii has a policy of NEVER going below 80%. EH-VER.

On the plus side I stayed on the "desert" side of the island, or so I've been told. The few weeks before I arrived had seen lots of rain all over the island, more than they are used to in their winter and that's another thing. Whoever heard of being "chilly" in 80 degree weather?? How is that concievably "chilly??" People who wear sweaters in 75 degree, no wind weather are just crazy. Anyway, they'd been getting lots of precip. and that meant that the island was all around green. Every shade of green from deep jungle green to the yellowy-green of new leaves. This is apparently unusual for this time of year meaning I was looking at Hawaii in summer green with winter temperatures. Best of both worlds!

I had fun while I was over there. Got to visit a couple of beaches, go out on a whale-watching boat (DOLPHINS!!!<3), explore the touristy and non-touristy sides of Lahaina, the town I was staying in, and generally enjoy myself and the sun when I wanted.

If you have yet to figure this out, this post is just the overview of the trip. A more detailed, day-by-day entry will follow tomorrow when I've got fewer "finishing up the post-trip chores" to do.

Oh, another first for me, flying commercial. I'm also simply going to say it's my first time flying because the last time I was in an airborne airplane was when I was....three? Or four, basically so long ago and when I was so little as to void the experience from counting toward my personal tally. So I got to experience flying in two little planes (airbuses) and two big planes (3x3 and 2x3x2 seating). General impression: Airbuses are small, compact and tend to translate turbulence into your butt better than bigger planes. Bigger planes tend to be more comfortable and turbulence feels more than rocking than chopping. Also can't hear the landing gear come up and down as well, though you certainly know when it's down by the drag it produces. Oh, and I want to thank the pilot of my return flight from Hawaii in the big bird, that was a smoooooth flight!

Alright, that about covers the generics. Next post will be more of a play by play and I'll see about getting photos in place as well. Expect it to be a long one with them pictures!


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