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Writing again
So some of you who read my blog know that I like to tell stories, mostly in the spoken and written word. I did a lot of writing when I was younger and especially in highschool with my friends. We wrote a superhero story with each of us having a superpower and fighting off a villian and his evil minions at our highschool. It was great fun and it always gave us something to talk about; and fight about. The fighting was mainly over who got the story binder when and who was next to add a chapter. It was awesome none-the-less, seeing your friends give you a shining role in one of their chapters or vice-versa (Toothpicks anyone? And let's not forget "fluffy kitty"). Unfortunately I haven't written very much in the intervening years (I keep almost all of it in a single folder).

So last month I decided to do something about it. I wanted to start writing again and I knew that if I just jumped into a self-made story I'd get it going and let if fall off that invisible cliff that appears a week after I start a writing project. My hands get tired of the pen or the keyboard and it will just be a little break of a day or two... three months later...yeeeeeah.

Okay, I told myself, making something from absolute scratch wasn't going to do it. What else is there?

How about a crutch? A...fanfiction of a sort? There's already history, a possible timeline to follow and characters built for me. Add in one or two new characters and let it fly...hmm...couldn't think of which book or movie to go with. Started knocking around on Deviant Art looking for inspiration. I found it.

Nuzlockes. A Nuzlocke is a way of playing a pokemon game, any of them. The basic rules are simple.
1: If a pokemon faints, it cannot be used ever again in the game. It must be considered dead or released.
2: All pokemon must be given nicknames upon capture.
3: Only one capture per distict area (nearly all places in the games are either a township or a route).

Reading some of other people's Nuzlockes I found other self implemented rules such as no healing items, or no using legendary pokemon or rules concerning what to do in the story with a fainted pokemon. Yes, in the story. People play their game and then create a story around their personal experiences. Mostly I was finding nuzlocke comics, but some people were writing them out too.

So I figured, why not? It would be a great way to get me writing a little at a time. Play through a section of the game, record what happened, create a story using the characters. Heck, the characters and even some of their characteristics are given to you upfront in the game. You catch a pokemon and, depending on which game you play, the fighting stats are supplemented with things like "brave nature" or "loves to eat." This would be the perfect crutch for me to hobble with until I got far enough back into the groove to go out on my own.

Best of all, there is a definite end to the story. You beat the top battlers, become the champion of the whole region and credits roll. Sure you can add a little after about going home or looking to the next challenge, but you don't have to do any of it. And you know what? It's working. I've been writing about every other day for the past two weeks. And my average word count per session is holding steady between 1400-2000. So far I've got a little over 26,000 words to the story and I'm not even halfway through the game yet. I haven't done any editing either, just writing. Putting the ideas on the page and letting myself get carried away with it until I can't think anymore or I reach the point I was last at in the game. I'm writing again.

And I'm LOVING it!

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