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Exploring the internet with Ubuntu

So I've gone and done something wierd (Are we surprised?). I took my original laptop that I got for college and taken the Windows 98 OS off it and installed Ubuntu on it instead. Thing took somewhere between 15-20 minutes to install off the cd. That's quick. I have also discovered that the amount of time for the computer to come up or shut down is less than Windows 7. I had thought Windows 7 was fast on the uptake and a bit slow shutting down. It's slow on the uptake and really slow shutting down compared to Ubuntu. Me likey lots!

The user interface is nice too. The default settings for the desktop are pleasant and fairly easy to handle. I love that if you press the "window" key on the keyboard (apparently also known as the 'super' or 'meta' key) and hold it, it brings up a list of keyboard shortcuts that I can use.

Heck, I like the look of Firefox better on this thing too. Firefox is the browser I use and it does look a little different than the Windows Firefox version, but it's still basically the same. Best thing I've found? No bottom edge to the window! Full screen is just that, FULL SCREEN. Minus the normal navigation icons on the left side of course.

Overall I am pleased with its performance thus far. Heck, I'm writing this post with a new add-on called Scriptfire Next. I'm not even on livejournal right now! I can just click a button and start typing instead of going to livejournal, logging in, waiting for it to come up, etc. etc. I'm gonna close this off right now so I can go back to my 'textbook' on how to make the most out of Ubuntu. Have fun in the snow everyone! =)

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Kewl. If I still had a Windows computer, I'd try Ubuntu. But I have a Mac. And I'm NOT techy. Haha. Have fun!

Don't need to be! Funny thing is the book keeps making comparisons to MacOS instead of windows. Best thing of all? You can try the Ubuntu OS straight from the disc without loading it onto your computer! I'd say go online and find it and give it a whirl. It's free even! :)

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