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This last weekend was the ninth annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous! Much fun was had by all involved, myself included, and many different guns were, of course, shot. I got extraordinarily lucky and had both Friday and Saturday off last week (ironically enough because too many coworkers had called in earlier that week and almost all of Friday would have been OT) so was able to attend not only the raffle/fundraiser, but the Show'n'Tell at the range on Friday! Woohoo!

Friday I got up at my normal hour, packed what I was taking to the range in my car, and headed up to my place of employment for my check. I was also going up there to make sure that no one was calling off that day, but I made it less obvious on that count. After ascertaining that I did indeed have the day off I hustled over to the boyfriend's abode with card and cake in hand.

For information, it was his, boyfriend Daniel's, birthday Friday so a cake and card were suitable I thought, though he did ask me if the cake would explode. Gee, can't imagine why he might think that! :D Picked him up and we headed out to the range.

I got excited as soon as we parked because I saw Kevin from Smallest Minority Then we found Zeke of Engineering Johnson and Mr. Completely. I think his name is Mike but I only ever remember him as Mr. Completely and his wife as Kiwi. My apologies guys! Daniel seemed a bit ansty about my being so familiar with all these guys old enough to be my father/grandfather, but I was just happy and excited to be there. Daniel wasn't too far behind me in that enthusiasm when he finally grasped just how the day's festivities were going to go. Everyone at the Rendezvous had brought at least one (most brought several) firearms to show off. The overall attitude was this:

"Hey! Come check out my awesome gun that has this feature / is from this time period / has this modification I made! Wanna try it???"

While Zeke was showing Daniel and I his prize gun, a Winchester Model 74 in .22, the range was suddenly filled with automatic fire from OUR side of the range. Nearly all heads turned in an "oooh! Shiny!" moment and Zeke muttered "...aand now I've lost everyone's attention." Daniel politely excused himself and went to go discover the source of the entrancing noise, and partake in making some more of it. Turned out to be a whole table of suppressed rifles, brought out by Special Interest Arms, one of which I thought was firing two shots at once because the slide going back and forth was louder than the shot itself! I'm not sure how many he tried but he later came back grinning like a shooter in a fully stocked ammo store.

I had brought two rifles with me and enjoyed having various members of the group (and some curious folk from outside the group!) put a few rounds through them. I eventually wandered the display of drool worthy subject matter and partook of a few myself. Methinks the men with the autos were just tickled with my reactions; smiling, giggling and properly controlling the weapons. Once I returned to my rifles I even had a pair of ladies try out my 30-30 and one of them was giggling after each shot. I couldn't be sure, but I think she enjoyed shooting it. :)

Near about 2 in the afternoon everyone was packing up to head back into town and Daniel and I took our leave. Having originally thought to grab some food on the way back and/or stop by Cabela's for some things we needed, we changed plans as yawns became more and more abundant. I dropped him off at his place and came back to mine, naps on our minds.

That was Friday. Then there was Saturday evening and the raffle!

Parental units and I showed up at just about the right time for some pre-raffle chatter and catchup with those blog members who hadn't been out at the range (or in the parents' case, just general catchup). Pizza was ingested, stories were swapped, and boyfriend arrived slightly confused by the directions the casino staff had given him. After Mr. Completely and Kevin said their bits about problems and solutions that had occurred before the Rendezvous (THANK YOU SO MUCH KEVIN FOR YOUR HELP!!) I and Jaci (pronounced Jackie) started the traditional selling of the tickets by the ladies! Jaci is excellent in this role even if I do miss our lovely Molly, my usual partner in crime. We did our jobs well. So well, in fact, that we sold ALL the raffle tickets!

Oh, and the money spent on raffle tickets and entry fees all went to Honered American Veterans Afield a charity organization that is run on a volunteer basis. All in all we gathered about $4,000!! Go bloggers!!!

After selling the tickets, and mixing them up with Kiwi, the drawing finally began! And it began in what I think is the best way possible. The newest member of the Rendezvous had his name pulled first.


Everyone cheered as he went up to choose his prize and what a prize he picked! A Ruger Mark III with a lovely holster made by Zeke himself! Pictures on his website! Baffled at his amazing luck he subconsciously decided to continue the streak by pulling the next name from the ticket bag.


I, stunned and thinking he was playing, was greeted by laughter, boos, and shouts of "Rigged!" all done with smiles. I step up and go to the prize I had thought I would see in another's hands by the end of the night, a certificate for a SigSaur 1911 45-22(Courtesy of Osage County Guns)! Of course, as I stuck MY hand in the ticket bag to pull the next winner I HAD to tell the crowd, "Ok, so I'll pull your name next mom, and you can pull dad's ok?" Thankfully I pulled a different name out or I would've felt lady luck was playing with Murphy.

Other winners of note, until I just sat there grinning and praising my luck, were Kevin who finally after years of coming to this event managed to win a gun, a Highpoint 45 carbine, and my mom who got to take home that lovely Winchester Model 74!

I nearly forgot to add that the owner of Bear Bullets (no website yet) brought in a "Bucket of Bullets" .22 in as a prize to add to the table. Bear Bullets is a reloading supply store down in Gardnerville Nevada and he (and his prize) was met with great thanks and many hungry eyes. I believe it was won by a Jeff, though I could be wrong, and I can't place him and his blog together in my mind. If I think of it I'll update this post.

After the raffle more talk was had and many of the lucky winners were showing off their new prizes, myself included since I had picked up a flashlight as well, a Brownells Versatile Light or BVL530.

Before I sign off here, I want to give a big thanks to ALL the people and organizations that donated to our raffle and made this Rendezvous such a success! Thank you Brownells, Ruger, Highpoint, Glock, Bear Bullets, Osage County Guns, Special Interest Arms, and anyone else I might have missed in this post! If you attended the event and know the name of one I missed, let me know in the comments so I can add them to my thank you list!

*Updated thanks list to SIA and added a couple of sentences to Friday's range time.

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Other venders

Well, just wanted to let you know the owner operator of all those lovely "full auto / extra quiet" rifles can be found @ ""
Worth checking out, as he is also local in the NoNeva area.....
And yes, a very fun time was enjoyed by all!!

Thanks! I'll update the blog with a link for them! ^_^

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