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Letter Writing
I love receiving hand-written letters in the mail. It's fun seeing that envelope in the mailbox and wondering what's inside. I think it's kind of sad that people write letters less now and emails more. Sure you can stick more pictures in an email more easily, but there is just something about that page in your hand that goes right to the heart.

Another seemingly lost art is the "Thank you note." People recieve gifts for Christmas or a birthday or some other occasion and rarely write a thank you card. Maybe I'm being old-fashioned but I believe that unless you live in the same house as the gifter you should write a short note saying thanks. It's polite and the gifter knows you really mean it because you took the time to put down your gratitude on a card.

Writing about it here on my blog makes me wish I had someone to write letters to. I realize that with social media the way it is these days it kinda makes a letter a moot point but I still think it would be fun. =)

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If it wasn't for the fact that stamps cost money, I'd write to ya =) Though social media is far quicker and more reliable...

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