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Ugh. Kinked my neck yesterday and it's still a bit sore today, doesn't like looking too far left or down. Aside from that I'm feeling peachy despite the weird week I've been having.

Last week at work we were slower than expected. We figured everybody would be getting their meds so they could be on vacation this week, what with Thanksgiving and all. Not so. Apparently they all waited until this weekend and yesterday to do that. Today is probably going to be hectic too now that I think about it. Add on that I worked Tuesday through Saturday last week and I'll be working mon, tues, wed this week (Thanksgiving off! Yay!) makes for an oddly tuned Lizzy. I'll probably freak out Thursday afternoon at some point, thinking I should be at work.

The pharmacy was the recipient of a surprise audit last week (oh joy) but we managed to pass with flying colors. We always worry because we tend to be so busy we forget to double check audit-ty type stuff. I guess our format of work is working in our favor though so we will definitely keep it up! =)

Not too much to say otherwise this week. Nothing overly fantastic happened except that we, the family, celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday instead of this Thursday because of SWMBO working both Thanksgiving and the day after. Good food was made and devoured with leftovers for the next few days! That's how Thanksgiving should be! =D


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